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Name:Chrissy Rose
Birthdate:Nov 18
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America

Name: Chrissy Rose.
Age :: 25
Gender :: Female
Occupation :: Night Auditor. Has Associate's degree in Hospitality Management.
Status :: Single & bisexual.
Location :: Pennsylvania, USA.
Zodiac :: Scorpio.
Hobbies :: RPing. Writing. Making graphics. Reading.
Personality :: Random. ENFJ. Smokes. Drinks. Doesn't do drugs.
Looks :: Glasses. One tattoo. Three piercings.

TV :: Doctor Who; Torchwood; Heroes; Bones; The Office; NCIS
Movies :: RENT; Pirates of the Caribbean; Phantom of the Opera; Beetlejuice; The Chronicles of Narnia; Sweeney Todd; Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog; Grease; American Pie
Books :: Harry Potter; Twilight
Actors :: Christopher Eccleston; David Tennant; James Marsters; John Barrowman; Gareth David-Lloyd; John Simm; Milo Ventimiglia; Adrian Pasdar; Masi Oka; Zachary Quinto; Michael Weatherly; Sean Murray
Actresses :: Billie Piper; Catherine Tate; Eve Myles; Brea Grant; Pauley Perrette; Anne Hathaway

Doctor Who :: Nine/Rose; Simm!Master/Rose, Ten/Donna; Simm!Master/Rose/Jack; Nine/Rose/Jack, & Simm!Master/Rose/Nine.
Harry Potter :: James/Lily; Sirius/Remus; Severus/Remus; Teddy/Victoire; Harry/Ginny; Harry/Draco; Ron/Hermione; Draco/Pansy; Colin/Luna, & Gideon/Hestia.
Bones :: Booth/Brennan & Hodgins/Angela.
Torchwood :: Jack/Ianto; Jack/Gwen; Ianto/Gwen; Owen/Tosh, & Jack/Gwen/Ianto.
Twilight :: Edward/Bella; Emmett/Rosalie; Jasper/Alice; Carlisle/Esme, & Jacob/Nessie
The Office :: Jim/Pam; Michael/Jan, & Dwight/Angela.
Mixed Fandom :: Blaise Zabini/Rose Tyler {Harry Potter/Doctor Who) & Peter Pevensie/Melinda Halliwell (The Chronicles of Narnia/Charmed).

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